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We bring ideas to life and create industry leaders

Innovation Through Technology

Gunner Technology brings ideas into reality and creates custom solutions for companies looking for an edge.


From robotics to embedded devices that drive the Internet of Things, we've built and designed solutions for a plethora of industries.


We've created software solutions for entrepreneurs and companies in industries ranging from health care to real estate and athletics to hospice.


Whether you're an entrepreneur or an established company, you need profit to survive. We're MBAs. We get it. We'll help you make money and cut costs.


Quite simply, we're the best at what we do. In fact, we couldn't tolerate being anything but the best, so we're going to work 24/7 to continue to prove that.

Executive Team

We're developers, engineers, designers and MBAs who have worked with companies like ESPN and Disney as well as inventors and entrepreneurs.

Our Values

Here is what we feel is important in business.


  • Don't sugar coat anything
  • Euphemisms waste time
  • Criticism leads to improvement
  • Nothing is personal

Hard Work

  • Long hours pay off
  • Compete. Compete. Compete.
  • Don't stop until the job is done
  • Always be learning


  • Build Fast
  • Meet Deadlines
  • Prove the Concept
  • Constantly Iterate

Work Samples

Here's some of our work.

What We Do

If it involves Technology, we do it.

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Web Apps Node.js / Rails / (No)SQL
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Mobile Apps iOS / Swift / Droid / Java
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Embedded Apps PI / Arduino / Omega
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Websites Javascript / HTML5 / CSS3
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Mobile Games LimeJS / Unity / Cocos2d
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Drone Tech FAA Certified / DJI SDK

What We're Looking For

We work with companies and entrepreneurs - and we're always looking for talented employees

Contact Us

Please tell us about your project, company or idea and we will let you know what we can do to help you by emailing us at

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