Brenden Lam

Brenden Lam

Developer I - Hired 2/13/2018 - As the youngest member of the team, Brenden earned the nickname of Young Hybrid for his proficient in both development and design.

About Brenden

From the minute he was hired, Brenden had a problem with his title.

"Can I have two titles?" he asked?

Despite the fact that titles mean very little in terms of what roles a person will play at Gunner, Brenden didn't want to be pidgeon holed as either a developer or a designer.

And that's fine with the Gunner team as Brenden already has been used extensively under roles that traditionally fall under both.

"UX is so underrated, which is one reason I love it," he says. "Good UX is something people don't notice because it's seamless, which is probably the reason it doesn't get the credit it deserves."

But then he waviers immediately.

"That said, coding is very similar," he says. "Good code just works, which is why sometimes people think it's like waving a magic wand. It looks effortless, but so much effort goes into writing good code."

Brenden's hybrid tendecies is why he took to React so quickly.

"With React, you're writing components," he says. "Everything is a component and a component is both design and dev, so it's a perfect situation for me."

Recently, he's been asked to help out with the uConsent project, which is a dream come true to Brenden.

"uConsent is a unique design challenge because it's all about the interaction," he says. "I can't wait to see what I can do!"


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