The Apparel Industry consists of companies that design and sell clothing, footwear and accessories

Not many companies can say they've helped launch an apparel brand, but count Gunner Technology as one of the few.

"I think that number is zero outside of us," founder and CEO, Cody Swann, said. "But honestly it makes sense to involve technology from the very beginning."

That's what happened with Country Shore, a lifestyle brand for anyone who likes to hunt, fish and, especially, both.

"We have unique relationships with our clients," Gunner COO, Kylie Ware, said. "With Country Shore, we were founding partners. We worked for equity and were able to accelerate the growth curve for the brand in terms of sales and marketing."

Using Machine Learning and artificial intellgience to create customer service bots on the Facebook Messenger Platform and Big Data to adjust ad buys in real time via the Facebook Marketing API, Gunner was able to help maximize Country Shore's ROI from the start.

The technology extended to onsite sales and marketing where Gunner helped outfit the Country Shore mobile store with a POS and sales kiosks.

"We love working with Country Shore," Swann said. "We have free rein to experiment with software and technology - almost like an R&D firm - and not only that, we've have four other brands sign up with us a clients because of this relationship."

These other brands all have the same request.

"'Do for us what you did for Country Shore'," Swann said.