The financial sector is a category of the economy made up of firms that provide financial services to commercial and retail customers. This sector includes banks, investment funds, insurance companies and real estate.

If money makes the world go round, then technology is the fulcrum.

"Finance is the single ripest industry for technological growth," Gunner Technology CEO, Cody Swann, said. "There are just so many possibilities."

There are obvious examples of hedge funds hiring quants to develop Algorithms to beat the market and take advantage of the growing frindge market, but those are more of the sexy outliers.

"Of course everyone wants an algo that will tell them where they can put their money to make them rich," Swann said. "But that's a fraction of the impact technology is having on the financial sector."

Just as technology is helping people beat the market, technology is helping regulators beat the crooks.

"Software can catch irregularities much, much better than any human," Swann said. "We've built tools for companies to do just that, so they can catch compliance misteps before the regulators."

With more and more data going online, software can help folks make smarter routine fincial decisions as well.

"We've had a couple pieces of software that will compare micro data with macro data combined with personal data, and tell you what you should do," Swann said.

One such example was an app that would keep an eye on users back accounts and make recommendations based on increases and decreases in those accounts.

"Let's say you get your year-end bonus, your car has 200,000 miles on it and inteREST rates just dropped," Swann said. "Our software could say 'Hey. With this extra cash, maybe this is a good time to buy a new car.' Without emotion, software can make much better financial decisions than the average Jan or John Doe."

Finally, with more people's financial data moving online, threat detection and Security become almost an industry by itself.

"Unfortunately, the growth in software and technology in the financial sector creates opportunities for everyone, including black hats and criminals," Swann said. "Companies are in a tough spot because they can't afford to not be innovative, but must companies aren't equiped to deal with sophisticated cyber attacks, which is why it's smart to always hire experts to augment your efforts."


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