This industry comprises offices of legal practitioners known as lawyers or attorneys (i.e., counselors-at-law) primarily engaged in the practice of law. Establishments in this industry may provide expertise in a range or in specific areas of law, such as criminal law, corporate law, family and estate law, patent law, real estate law, or tax law.

Changes in technology greatly affect the legal industry.

The advent of Machine Learning, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence gives rise to automated software able to do real time case-law research faster and more accurately than an army of paralegals.

Cryptocurrency, Blockchains and smart contracts fundamentally change the way money changes hand and contracts are executed.

"If you're a legal professional and aren't at least aware of the advances in software and technology, you're doing yourself and your clients a disservice," tech consultant Chase Ryan said. "At the same time, firms that proactively seek out edges and know the tech sector will be a step ahead."

Gunner Technology has vast experience working with Big Data, Machine Learning, AI, Blockchains and more.

Gunner analysts and developers work on projects every day to advance technology in the legal sector and the team regularly meets with legal professionals and groups to discuss collaboration and what the future will hold.