Private Sector

Software and Technology make and break companies. Innovative businesses have a competitive advantage.

All software development companies are not created equal.

Especially when it comes to working with the private sector.

"I'm not sure you'll find another firm where you'll find MBAs writing code," Gunner Technology founder and CEO, Cody Swann said. "It gives us a unique advantage over the competition."

That skill set and knowledge allows Gunner to do more than just what it's told to do.

"In our industry, the typical client/vendor relationship goes something like this. Client says do this, vendor says OK," Swann said. "That's not the way we operate. We're your partner. We're invested in you, so we're going to use our expertise in software and technology and look for opportunities and inefficiencies you're not even aware of."

In fact, that's the biggest challenge Gunner has when talking with a potential client.

"We don't really have something to sell you," Gunner Vice President of Product Development, Jeramiah Anthony, said. "Most software companies are either trying to sell you a pre-written program or system as you see with most SaaS companies, or they're bidding on a specific problem or project that a company has published."

What Gunner is selling is itself.

"And most prospects don't understand that," Swann said. "What we're basically saying is 'Look, you know your business better than I do. In fact, as an outsider, I don't know much about the innerworkings of your company. But what I do know is that if we work together, we'll find inefficiencies and/or opportunities that software can capitalize on. I know this because it's been true for every single other client we've worked with.'"

But that's a tough sell to small and mid-sized companies where competition is fierce and margins are tight.

"I have an MBA, so I get it," Swann said. "Spending money on a company based on a trust that they'll find a way to improve your company is a huge leap of faith."

That's why Gunner offers new clients 30 days of its services free of charge.

"There has to be trust," Swann said. "And that's what that 30 days is about. We work on a long-term-relationship basis, our average client has been a client for at least four years, so 30 days is well worth it to us to get a trusting, long-term client."

Even after the 30 days, the client largely decides what it will spend.

"The cost is largely dependent on how much you want done and how quickly," Swann said. "Think of it as a cell phone plan. If you only need a handful of minutes, the cost is minimal. The difference is, we don't lock our clients into a long-term contract. In fact, we're month-to-month with most of our clients."

Which explains Gunner's 9.5 Net Promoter Score of 9.5 among current and former clients.

"With us, you are getting a team of experts," Swann said. "Experts in Security, development, design, analysis. We're consultants who write world-class code and we generally cost less than one full-time junior developer."

Below are some of the private sector clients Gunner has worked with.

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