Apollo binds data to your UI with the ultra-flexible, community-driven GraphQL client for React, JavaScript, and native platforms.

Apollo Client is the best way to use GraphQL to build client applications.

The client is designed to help you quickly build a UI that fetches data with GraphQL, and can be used with any JavaScript front-end.

The client is:

  • Incrementally adoptable: You can drop it into an existing app today.
  • Universally compatible: Apollo works with any build setup, any GraphQL server, and any GraphQL schema.
  • Simple to get started with: Start loading data right away and learn about advanced features later.
  • Inspectable and understandable: Interrogate and understand exactly what is happening in an application.
  • Built for interactive apps: Application users make changes and see them reflected immediately.
  • Small and flexible: You don’t get stuff your application doesn’t need.
  • Community driven: Apollo is driven by the community and serves a variety of use cases.

Other Companies Using Apollo

AirbnbProduct HuntOpen TableNew York TimesKLMTicketmaster


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Cody Swann

Since founding Gunner Technology, Cody has served the company in every aspect of business development and product development.

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Dary Merckens

From a contractor to a partner, Dary has been with Gunner since year 1 and embodies the meritocratic spirit and philosophy of Gunner Technology.

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Mahdi Huessein

Mahdi joined Gunner at age 18 and quickly rose through the ranks to become VP of Engineering

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Elena Villanueva

From Sensors and Big Data to Media Queries and Form Validation, Elena has worked on pretty much anything you can imagine.

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Skyla Frye

Skyla is Gunner's go-to engineer when it comes to evaluating new tech. She loves evaluating bleeding edge software and teaching her colleagues what she learns.

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Kayden Chan

Kayden holds the Gunner Technology record for most straight hours worked at just under 70. He refuses to quit until the job is done and it's done right.

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Manuel Orozco

When the headphones go on, you know Manuel is focused and writing code. And his headphones are always on.

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Yusuf Hendricks

Yusuf has the memory of an elephant. He is the team's built-in Google and Stack Overflow.



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