Amazon DynamoDB

Amazon DynamoDB

DynamoDB is a nonrelational database for applications that need performance at any scale

DynamoDB is a nonrelational database for applications that need performance at any scale.

Amazon DynamoDB is a nonrelational database that delivers reliable performance at any scale.

It's a fully managed, multi-region, multi-master database that provides consistent single-digit millisecond latency, and offers built-in security, backup and restore, and in-memory caching.

More than 100,000 companies have chosen DynamoDB for mobile, web, gaming, ad tech, IoT, and many other applications that need low-latency data access.


Performance at Scale

DynamoDB delivers consistent, single-digit millisecond responsiveness at any scale. Build apps with virtually unlimited throughput and storage. Add an in-memory cache that reduces response times from milliseconds to microseconds, without any app changes.

Fully Managed

DynamoDB is a serverless database that automatically scales throughput up or down, and continuously backs up your data for protection. DynamoDB gives your globally distributed applications fast access to local data by replicating tables across multiple AWS Regions.

Enterprise Ready

Built for mission-critical workloads. Your data is secured with encryption and guaranteed reliability with a service level agreement. You have full oversight of your tables with fine-grained access control, integrated monitoring tools, and support for private connections over VPN.

Other Companies Using Amazon DynamoDB



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Cody Swann

Since founding Gunner Technology, Cody has served the company in every aspect of business development and product development.

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Dary Merckens

From a contractor to a partner, Dary has been with Gunner since year 1 and embodies the meritocratic spirit and philosophy of Gunner Technology.

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Mahdi Huessein

Mahdi joined Gunner at age 18 and quickly rose through the ranks to become VP of Engineering

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Elena Villanueva

From Sensors and Big Data to Media Queries and Form Validation, Elena has worked on pretty much anything you can imagine.

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Skyla Frye

Skyla is Gunner's go-to engineer when it comes to evaluating new tech. She loves evaluating bleeding edge software and teaching her colleagues what she learns.

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Kayden Chan

Kayden holds the Gunner Technology record for most straight hours worked at just under 70. He refuses to quit until the job is done and it's done right.

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Manuel Orozco

When the headphones go on, you know Manuel is focused and writing code. And his headphones are always on.

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Ethan Sloan

Ethan has a mind for infrastructure and a knack for visualizing platform solutions

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Brenden Lam

As the youngest member of the team, Brenden earned the nickname of Young Hybrid for his proficient in both development and design.

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Nicolas Henderson

Nicolas' goal is to learn everything. A voracious reader, the only time his nose isn't in a tech book is when he's scripting a new infrastructure.



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