Facebook Messenger Platform

The Messenger Platform is your toolbox for building bots.

The Messenger Platform is your toolbox for building bots.

It includes:

Integration Components

The Messenger Platform offers a core set of APIs, web plug-ins, and a full webview that give you what you need to create awesome experiences in Messenger.

Conversation Components

Conversations are made up of a lot more than simple text messages. Audio, video, images, files, structured messages are all part of the experience.

Chat Entry Points

Whether you want to reach people on Messenger, Facebook, the web, or in the physical world, there are lots of ways to get the conversation started.

Bot Best Practices

Messenger bots are a powerful way to connect with people. Our best practices will familiarize you with the benefits and challenges of building on the Platform.


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Cody Swann

Since founding Gunner Technology, Cody has served the company in every aspect of business development and product development.

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Yusuf Hendricks

Yusuf has the memory of an elephant. He is the team's built-in Google and Stack Overflow.


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