Amazon Quicksight

Amazon Quicksight

Fast, easy to use business analytics at 1/10th the cost of traditional BI solutions

Amazon QuickSight is a fast, cloud-powered BI service that makes it easy to build visualizations, perform ad-hoc analysis, and quickly get business insights from your data.

Using AWS' cloud-based service you can easily connect to your data, perform advanced analysis, and create stunning visualizations and rich dashboards that can be accessed from any browser or mobile device.

QuickSight is the first BI service to offer pay-per-session pricing, making it even more cost-effective for you to provide access to analytics and insights for all of your users.

With pay-per-session pricing there are no upfront costs, no annual commitments, and no charges for inactive users!


Pay only for what you use

Provide read-only access to QuickSight’s interactive dashboards and pay only when your users access them with pay-per-session pricing. With QuickSight there are no upfront costs, no annual commitments, and no charges for inactive users.

Scale from 10 users to 10,000

QuickSight automatically scales with your usage and activity, with no need for additional infrastructure. QuickSight will grow with your organization’s needs from a few users to tens of thousands of users.

No servers to manage

QuickSight has no servers or software to manage, maintain, deploy, upgrade or migrate. We do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

Build end-to-end BI solutions

QuickSight integrates with your data sources and other AWS services like RedShift, S3, Athena, Aurora, RDS, IAM, CloudTrail, Cloud Directory and more – providing you with everything you need to build an end-to-end BI solution.

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Dary Merckens

From a contractor to a partner, Dary has been with Gunner since year 1 and embodies the meritocratic spirit and philosophy of Gunner Technology.

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Elena Villanueva

From Sensors and Big Data to Media Queries and Form Validation, Elena has worked on pretty much anything you can imagine.

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Kayden Chan

Kayden holds the Gunner Technology record for most straight hours worked at just under 70. He refuses to quit until the job is done and it's done right.

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Jeramiah Anthony

Jeramiah is a wizard at turning loose requirements into a firm vision with a solid plan.

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Kylie Ware

For Kylie, nothing is better than a good process. If it's not documented and repeatable, it's not for her.

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Ethan Sloan

Ethan has a mind for infrastructure and a knack for visualizing platform solutions


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