Scrapper Bots

Scrapper Bots allow for integration when an official API is not available.

We work on a lot of integration projects.

Most of the time these integrations come with official APIs.

For example, Facebook provides an official API for accessing social data about yourself.

But what if you wanted to pull data about yourself from your school's website?

The school may or may not have a way to do that.

If they don't, your only option it to manually retreive that data.

But what if that data is updated every day? And you need it for every student?

At that point, it's no longer feasible for a human to pull that data.

That's where scrapper bots come in.

We write scrapper bots using Puppeteer which basically is just a wrapper around a headless Chrome browser.

A headless Chrome browser is simply a Chrome Web Browser without a screen.

We program this browser to load the school web page and log in using our credentials.

Once logged in, the bot collects the data by parsing the HTML on the page and sends it back to our database is a formatted manner.


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Cody Swann

Since founding Gunner Technology, Cody has served the company in every aspect of business development and product development.

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Dary Merckens

From a contractor to a partner, Dary has been with Gunner since year 1 and embodies the meritocratic spirit and philosophy of Gunner Technology.

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Yusuf Hendricks

Yusuf has the memory of an elephant. He is the team's built-in Google and Stack Overflow.