tripe provides APIs that web developers can use to integrate payment processing into their websites and mobile applications

Stripe is a US company allowing businesses to accept payments over the Internet.

It operates in 25 countries and powers 100,000+ businesses.

According to Datanyze, Stripe ranks #2 after Paypal on the number of websites using it as their payment processor.

Stripe payments allows you to get paid with all major cards from customers around the world on web or in mobile apps.

Stripe takes a fee on each payment.

Payments can be made recurringly with Subscriptions or handled as a platform for other merchants with Connect.


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Cody Swann

Since founding Gunner Technology, Cody has served the company in every aspect of business development and product development.

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Skyla Frye

Skyla is Gunner's go-to engineer when it comes to evaluating new tech. She loves evaluating bleeding edge software and teaching her colleagues what she learns.

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Kayden Chan

Kayden holds the Gunner Technology record for most straight hours worked at just under 70. He refuses to quit until the job is done and it's done right.

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Nicolas Henderson

Nicolas' goal is to learn everything. A voracious reader, the only time his nose isn't in a tech book is when he's scripting a new infrastructure.


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