CMS for Static Site

CMS for Static Site

to : A Ruby on Rails-based CMS for managing static pages on the homepage of a Rails application.



What was the problem to be solved?

Qualis needed a CMS to manage the static pages on their site.


What was the proposed solution?

We used a CMS plugin for Ruby on Rails to allow Qualis to manage the static pages on their site.


What challenges arose during the project?

We needed a solution that was intuitive to use and integrated with the existing Rails application


What was the technical approach to the project?

We installed and set up the Rails gem.


What was the project management approach to the project?

We used an Agile approach to deliver rolling updates to Qualis and allow for several weeks of testing before launch.

Architectural Description

What platform was built for this project?

The CMS run on a Rails stack served from AWS.


What did you learn from working on this project?

We learned best practices for installing a CMS with Ruby on Rails.


How did this project benefit the client?

The client was able to manage their static pages through the CMS.

Why Gunner?

Why was Gunner selected for this project?

Gunner Technology had previously built numerous applications for them.


What tools, techniques and methodologies were used on this project?

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Adobe Illustrator

Create logos, icons, sketches, typography and complex illustrations

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Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is Adobe's photo editing, image creation and graphic design software.

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Fast, scalable, distributed revision control system

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Node.js is a platform built on Chrome's JavaScript runtime for easily building fast, scalable network applications



Scrum is a framework for project management that emphasizes teamwork, accountability and iterative progress toward a well-defined goal.