Sales Tax Automation

Sales Tax Automation

to : We automated Country Shore's sales tax calculation and payment.

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What was the problem to be solved?

Country Shore was a growing lifestyle brand that had begun to have presence in multiple states.

And yet, Country Shore was still a small operation in terms of manpower.

With little human capital available, redundant tasks such as calculating and paying state sales tax each month was a huge time waster.


What was the proposed solution?

Gunner Technology proposed that the sales tax calculation and payment be automated, so no one from Country Shore would have to lift a finger.

The Country Shore team would get an email letting them know how much sales tax was for each state and that it was successfully paid on the first of every month.


What challenges arose during the project?

All of the states in which Country Shore did business had online portals that allowed registered companies to pay sales tax.

Unfortunately, none of them offered an API and all were way different from the next.

Additionally, not only do sales tax rules vary from state-to-state, but they also change


What was the technical approach to the project?

Country Shore built their E-commerce and POS platforms on Shopify.

Country Shore build both their E-commerce and POS platforms on Shopify, which helped us out a lot.

We used the Shopify API to pull sales figures and then run them against the various state rules and coded in exceptions for returns and tax holidays and the like.

The tricky part was writing bots that would enter the data into the various states' portals.

Since there was no API, we created headless bots written in PhantomJS, running in Serverless JavaScript microservice build on AWS Lambda that would act as normal users and enter the data and submit the forms.

Because of the changing rules, we regularly scraped state's sites to get state and surcharge rates for all counties in the states.


What was the project management approach to the project?

We took an Agile Scrum approach to the project with one-week iterations and an IPM each week to demonstrate our progress.

We started with two Research Sprints to learn about the Shopify API and how to get around the lack of APIs from the states' side.

After that, we worked in development sprints until completion.

Architectural Description

What platform was built for this project?

The architecture was rather simple and infinitely scalable.

We ended up with one microservice on Lambda to pull data from Shopify using the official API and created one microservice on Lambda for each state to act as a bot and enter and submit the data.

All told, it ended up costing less than $1 per month.


What did you learn from working on this project?

We learned how frAgile bot scrappers can be.

It took a lot of testing to get the bots to parse the CSS/HTML to get the exact functionality down.

We also learned that there are a lot of government sites that are inSecure and don't offer APIs.


How did this project benefit the client?

Country Shore was able to totally automate this part of their workflow.

Something that once took hours each month and was error prone was now automated, verified and on time each time.

Why Gunner?

Why was Gunner selected for this project?

Gunner Technology has had a long-standing relationship with Country Shore as we helped set up their entire technology infrastructure when the company launched and are constantly automating redundant tasks for them.

We also came in 10% lower than the next bidder with half of the timeframe required.

The Team

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What tools, techniques and methodologies were used on this project?

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AWS CodeBuild

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AWS CodePipeline

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AWS Lambda

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Shopify is a POS and e-commerce platform written in Ruby on Rails

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