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Gunner helps federal, state and local agencies break free from legacy technologies and one-size-fits-all SaaS.


That was Gunner Technology's collective response when the company decided to start working with the public sector in 2017.

"I've seen a lot of strange stuff, but nothing like what I saw when we starting looking at some of the bids and contracts coming out of the government," Gunner founder and CEO, Cody Swann, said. "Projects that should have cost $25,000 were being awarded for $2 million."

Some of Gunner's earliest bids were rejected because the bid price was too low.

"We literally would submit a prototype of what the agency wanted, but we'd still lose the bid," Swann said. "They said the price was too good to be true."

Gunner isn't constrained by legacy systems and leans heavily on Open Source and Serverless solutions made affordable through the company's partnership with Amazon Web Services.

"AWS handles 99% of the Security, Scalability and system architecture with our projects," Swann said. "These things cost companies a fortune but they're already baked into our platform."

Additionally, Gunner relies on cutting-edge isomorphic JavaScript for development and tooling, which cuts development time in half."

"We're not afraid to go with new technologies," Gunner Vice President of Product Development, Jeramiah Anthony, said. "We shutter whenever we hear 'enterprise,' because that's just a synonym for 'slow.' There's no advantage from using enterprise tools like .Net or Java and plenty of disadvantages."

These advantages allow Gunner to buck the old expression.

"They say, out of Quality, Speed and Price, you have to pick two," Anthony said. "But, with us, that's not true. You get all three."

Gunner is a certified small, disadvantaged, minority-owned business with a 100% US-based workforce.

"We work as both prime contractors and subcontractors, offering Staff Augmentation across a spectrum of services including development, design, engineering, project management and business analysis," Swann said. "We don't sub out anything. Everything is done in-house."

Prime contractors and government procurement officers can check out some of the work Gunner has done in the public sector below.

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They show a passion for understanding our business objectives

They show a passion for understanding our business objectives

They get the job done on time and are quite adept at using open source technology, which saves us money. Gunner balances pragmatism and perfectionism, which is important to us. After using them for both short term and long term projects, we cannot give a higher recommendation

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