Content Manager

A content manager is someone who oversees the content presented on websites and blogs and may also be responsible for creating, editing, posting, updating, and occasionally cleaning up outdated content.

There are some content managers that focus strictly on content and others that only focus on the management of the site.

Regardless, the main responsibility of the content manager is to keep the information displayed on the site fresh, informative, and appealing.

Their 'content strategy' is to create, write and manage content so as to achieve business goals and be a voice for the company.

A content manager's job involves researching, sourcing, writing and editing interesting content to be published for members and readers.

They will often work with content management software (CMS). This software enables the manager to efficiently make any changes that are needed just by clicking a button.

Video, audio, and text are placed into a template for uploading onto the internet, therefore little to no design work is needed on the part of the content manager.

The manager may also craft and send out email newsletters, promotions, and online outreach campaigns by using the same CMS software.