Project Manager

The Project Manager is responsible for knowing the “who, what, where, when and why” of the software project.

This means knowing the stakeholders of the project and being able to effectively communicate with each of them.

The Project Manager is also responsible for creating and managing the project budget and schedule as well as processes including scope management, issues management and risk management.

Some of the Project Manager duties can include:

Developing a software project plan
Manage deliverables according to the software project plan
Recruiting software project staff
Leading and managing the software project team
Determining the methodology used on the project
Establishing a project schedule and determine each phase
Assigning tasks to project team members
Providing regular updates to senior management

Regardless of agile methodology or the waterfall method, once deliverables are defined, it is critical that the Project Manager starts to actively exercise change management.

Change should not be perceived as a negative or something to be avoided.

Change is inevitable and is acceptable in a software project as long as it is managed.

The impact of any change needs to be assessed, measured and communicated.

The major factors are typically timeline and budget.

If the impact is deemed acceptable by the Project Sponsor, then the change can be incorporated.

The Project Manager also oversees software testing, delivery and formal acceptance by the customer.

Then the Project Manager performs a project review with the software development team to document any lessons learned from the software development processes.



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